[conspire] Trolling for fraud victims

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue May 25 17:51:44 PDT 2021

Someone I know was _very nearly_ catastrophically taken by one of these.
It's designed to outrage the recipient into calling to 'cancel' the 
overpriced and unrequested alleged billing.  Why?  I'll get to that in a

First, notice that the alleged "Order Confirmation" doesn't state my
name, or even a partial credit card number of how I allegedly agreed to
pay this alleged billing.  That's because this is the usual broadcast
scam, and they didn't even know anything about me.

The near-victim I was talking about:  I happened to be there when the
near-victim telephoned the scam mail's (in that case) area 866 telephone
number, reaching a boiler-room operator, and complained that he or she hadn't
ordered anything, let alone some outrageously overpriced service.  This 
is where the social-engineering magic occurs:  The boiler-room operator 
_very nearly_ convinced the intended victim to install remote-desktop 
software, which he claimed would be necessary to cancel the "service".

This would have been absolute ruin for the victim, as the bad guys would
now be able to get into absolutely all of the victim's financial,
medical, and personal affairs invisibly as if the bad guys were the
victim.  The victim would have had an epic security meltdown, and 
was _right about_ to do as requested when I said 'NO.  UNDER NO

The intended victim did not even have any comprehension of what
remote-desktop software does, or why it should be relevant to cancelling
an erroneous billing.  (It isn't.)  And this is how the scam works:  
Anyone who's so inattentive as to call them _may_ be inattentive enough
to hand over total control of the person's computing to malign

In this case, the person got to within a few mouse clicks of that.

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