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 Thank you for the details.  
I was rather sure that J&J uses "human" cells in the process of manufacturing vaccines.  I was not certain about the mRNA vaccines. 
SNL had a one liner about extreme Evangelicals.  "Yes we all want to get to heaven, but it's not a race!"
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 Quoting Paul Zander (paulz at ieee.org):

> In past, many vaccines were developed using fetal cells.  Were all of
> the COVID-19 vaccines developed using fetal cells?  J&J I'm pretty
> sure, What about Pfizer and Moderna who have a very new process.

Good question.  I've been meaning to look a little closer into the
details of such matters, since KT mentioned it.

the Vatican issued a
statement last December giving the RCC's official view that it is 
"morally acceptable" for Roman Catholics to receive any COVID-19
vaccine, even one based on research that originally used cells derived
from aborted fetuses -- despite the Church's position against abortion,
and Pope Francis made a public display of taking and recommending the
Pfizer vaccine for that reason, as being entirely acceptable and as a 
religious good deed since it saves lives.

Because Pope Francis actually cares (at least intermittentlyi) about
human lives and not about dumb culture wars and telling lies to prevail
against perceived ideological enemies.

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