[conspire] CABAL (in person), May 8th, 4pm-12m

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Sat May 8 12:29:12 PDT 2021

Client unexpectedly bailed for today- will be along shortly.


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 I'm planning to come.   The bad news is that my parsley slowed down when the weather warmed up, so I won't be bringing more salsa.  The good news is that by next CABAL I should have lots of fresh parsley seeds to share.

    On Tuesday, May 4, 2021, 12:24:56 AM PDT, Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com> wrote:  
 This is the actual meeting announcement, yay!

May 8th, this very next Saturday, will be that magical time again, a
CABAL meeting.  In person.  

THIS TIME, it'll be appreciated if folks call me (650-283-7902) to
advise they'll be coming.  (More uncertainty exists about attendance
than in Before Times.)

:r! cal

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It's going to be fantastic weather, and I'll be cooking up a storm:

o  Marinated meat BBQed on the propane grill.
o  Homemade garlic bread using homemade sourdough bread.
o  New Orleans "shrimp boil".
o  Homemade apple pie.

WHO MAY ATTEND?  You must:

o  Be COVID-19 vaccinated, plus enough time for ramped-up immunity.
o  Feel it's safe to be here in company.
o  Agree this is at your own risk.

Bring your CDC card:  Assume I may check.


1105 Altschul Ave. @ Gordon Ave.
West Menlo Park, CA
Contact: 650-283-7902 (reaches me directly)

What's a "shrimp boil"?  Fresh shrimp boiled with onions, celery,
potatoes, sweet potatoes, and Cajun spices, served with seperately
cooked corn and a rémoulade sauce.  Recipe here:

For those who haven't attended before:  Chez Moen has a very spacious,
shaded back yard.  Other people often bring dishes to share (or for
themselves), at CABAL events, but bringing food isn't necessary.  It's a
nice place to hang out and chat, and people come and go freely between
4pm and midnight.  See you then!

Cheers,                        My pid is Inigo Montoya.  You kill -9    
Rick Moen                      my parent process.  Prepare to vi.
rick at linuxmafia.com
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