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> Re LUGs outliving usefulness.
> What we used to get out of lugs, is now in online forums (including this
> one).
> The amount of in person benefit, not so much.
> There are a few exceptions.
> Kim got a lot out of in person than most people and it appears to have
> worked.
> Re Python:
> I dont have the buck$ for Udemy, but the Youtube thing I took a glance at
> and will eventually
> sit through it.

Click through the link Diedre  provided.  You may be surprised how much it
First time I clicked the link it was $20+ then I navigated away from that
course and clicked the link again the price was $10+ which I bought.

Maybe you enable cookies and try and see if you can get a good price.

I click the Udemy link now on another computer and I'm seeing $10+ for the

I'd be game for a study group If anybody is interested.  I'm in Oakland but
I can travel a little bit.  It's a 46 hour course so once a month wouldn't
work (and you'd just forget everything over the month)  I'll try to do 4
hours a week and see how that goes.


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