[conspire] cannot execute binary file

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Aug 31 19:52:35 PDT 2016

Quoting Paul Zander (paulz at ieee.org):

> Here is the transcript:
> $$ . ./gmsh
> bash: .: ./gmsh: cannot execute binary file
> $$ ldd ./gmsh

Well, all of the library sonames (shared object names) _resolved_ to
library binaries, so that much worked as intended.  That doesn't
guarantee that all of its dependencies were actually _met_, though.

You say this is an 'executable file', but you didn't say its provenance,
e.g., whether you compiled it.  If you compiled it, the burden is on you
to make sure that all of its dependencies are met and it has all other
necessary conditions met.  If you didn't, then good luck making sure all
those requirements are met, because you probably lack the necessary

Just a minor point:  It's of the correct archtecture and you're certain
it's set executable, right?

Personally, by the way, I'd do './gmsh' to run the executable, rather
than sourcing it.

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