[conspire] I'll be out this weekend and PSA

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I had an advanced first aid class some years ago.  

Many people arrive in the ER with a stomach full of antacids when they are having a heart attack.  Denial of the possibility of a heart attack is also common.  

When in doubt call 911 early.

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I’ll be away for this weekend’s CABAL for the memorial of my best friend. Another friend recently saved a family member’s life by googling for the symptoms of a heart attack, getting him to the hospital before he had one. One I did not know was nausea.

Please review heart attack symptoms:


To make this more CABAL-like, I also recently heard of a site being lost, along with 14 years of research data published. No backups.

PLEASE have a backup plan in place, even if it’s just a once a week rsync.

30    02    *    *    0    rsync -av --delete /source/ /dest/

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