[conspire] HMS Pinafore at Dinkelspiel Aud. starting tonight

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri Jan 25 19:07:10 PST 2013

Just a reminder that tonight's opening night (in about an hour).
I'll be there.  Will you?  ;->

Poster:  http://starshippinafore.tumblr.com/image/35934108277

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The Stanford Savoyards proudly present a Star Trek: The Next Generation
inspired HMS Pinafore.

Directed by Ravi Soundararajan & Jan Heiman
Conducted by Madeleine Graham
Produced by Chris Large

Beam aboard the Starship Pinafore and see one of Gilbert & Sullivan's
classics as you've never seen it before! Using the original G&S score, the
interactions of the crew, their uniforms, and their ship are re-imagined to
fit an alternate timeline with some recognizable Starfleet favorites. Can
love really level all ranks? Find out starting January 25th.

Friday, January 25th at 8pm
Saturday, January 26th at 8pm
Sunday, January 27th at 1:30pm
Friday, February 1st at 8pm
Saturday, February 2nd at 1:30pm

Stanford Ticket Office (Tresidder Union)
Phone: 650-725-2787
Online: tickets.stanford.edu
Tickets also available at the door
$10 students, $15 seniors & Stanford staff, $20 general admission


Gerar Mazarakis as Sir Joseph Porter, KCB (Admiral Kirk)
Graham Roth as Captain Corcoran (Jean-Luc Picard)
Brian Chin as Ralph Rackstraw (William Riker)
John Graham as Dick Deadeye (Worf)
Don Pettengill as Boatswain's Mate (Data)
David Skurnick as Carpenter's Mate (Geordi La Forge)
Christina Krawec as Josephine (Counselor Troi)
Katia Hayati as Cousin Hebe (Marta, Orion slave)
Simone Hudson as Little Buttercup (Lwaxana T.)

Chorus of Starfleet, Cousins, Sisters, and Aunts:
Sharon Beltracchi, Katie Duchscherer, Matthew Ewer, Hilary Heiman, Aleta
Jamora, Gavrielle Lent, Toamatapu Lohe, Sara McCardle-Blunk, Joshua
McLaughlin, Joanne Newman, Colin Raab, Karunya Sethuraman, Barbara Sonner,
Sabrina Sonner, Sarah Spikes, Terry Weissman, Rachel Whalon, Jane Wolcott,
Dan Wright

Chris Large, Producer
Jan Heiman, Co-Director
Ravi Soundararajan, Co-Director
Madeleine Graham, Music Director
Erica McCay, Technical Director & Set Design
Amanda Robertson, Costume Design
Doreen Finkelstein, Stage Manager
Rachel Whalon, Hair and Make-up Design
Briana Billups, Properties Design
Heather Baumrucker, Choreographer & Asst. Stage Manager


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