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Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2013 12:41:49 -0800
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Quoting Brian Good (snug.bug at hotmail.com):

> Just to let you know, when I took my question to the Ubuntu forums all
> I got was disparaging remarks about the Audigy.  So I installed Fedora
> 17 on the desktop and the flashplayer sound and Audacity and Hydrogen
> are working fine.  

Hi, Brian!  Thanks for the note.  I see to my mild embarrassment that 
I never responded to your Sept. 27, 2012 query asking for my suggestions
for a good online forum for solid (and patient) technical advice.

Sorry about that.  I sometimes just get bogged down, and things get

There's certainly nothing inherently problematic about a Soundblaster
Audigy, and I'm glad you were able to work around the prior snarl with
Xubuntu / Pulse Audio / ALSA.

Just speculating:  The Ubuntu kiddies might be inclined to speak
disparagingly about any hardware they perceive as old, and Creative
Technology (ex-Creative Labs) produced the original Audigy series
somewhere right around 2000, making it indeed quite old as PC hardware,
yet using a perfectly OK and standard Creative Labs EMU10K2 audio DSP
chip and on a PCI card chassis, making it still a defensible choice in
this decade.

(You actually didn't say which specific Audigy model you have, as they 
produced several later variants.)

You said in your earlier mail:

   ome time ago I followed some obsolete online instructions about
   removing Pulse Audio and restoring Alsa and things are all bolluxed

Yes, that level of system surgery is risk and creates the possibility
you might need to reinstall in order to recover.

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