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It isn't just Dell who uses "an assortment of parts." And chances are high that any lower end Dell laptop is completely manufactured by ASUS, which is good news because both ASUS and Dell computers tends to run Ubuntu without problems. Dell and ASUS have been working with Canonical to ensure Ubuntu will run well on their hardware.

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If you are looking for holiday gifts, you can get Ubuntu-themed jewelry, and a portion of the proceeds goes to support putting GNU-Linux computers in front of kids who otherwise would not have them:


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I was given a flyer with Black Friday offer from Dell:
>  Inspiron 15 laptop for a Member-Exclusive price of $299.99
>Is this a deal "not to be missed"?  or should I just check the Fry's ads?
>Given that Dell uses an assortment of parts, how likely is this to be Linux compatible?
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