[conspire] a guest to next meeting

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Nov 5 13:20:16 PST 2012

Quoting ilona (tecstuf at earthlink.net):

> I just wanted to let you know I met a gentleman named Charles Ammann
> who is interest in attending your Cabal meeting.  I think he used to
> do UNIX programming.  
> Would it be okay to let him know when and where?  Are you planning on
> having a meeting the fourth Saturday of this month?


1.  You are always welcome to let people know about upcoming CABAL
meetings.  They are open to the public (within limits set by this being
my house).

2.  The public, posted schedule is your friend.  It's on the public
CABAL Web pages.  Also, when there's some change likely to surprise
people, I usually mention it on this mailing list -- and I recently did
so specifically concerning some cancelled meetings over the next couple
of months.  Archive link here:

So, among other things, there will be no meeting on Sat. Nov. 10,
because Deirdre and I will be in Guatemala.  There will be none on Sat.
Nov. 25 (weekend after Thanksgiving) because we'll be at LosCon.

Later this month, I _might_ decide to hold one November meeting on Sat.
Nov. 17, the third Saturday, normally not a CABAL day, just so we have
one in November, but we shall see if people (not least me) are busy.

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