[conspire] Poking you in the eye

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Nov 5 13:02:29 PST 2012

Quoting Jim Auer (auerpauer at gmail.com):

> HI! Did you know that when you're poked in the eye, among all the
> other things that could happen, that event may actually be fixing
> something that might be wrong with your eye?
> So the next time I jump out of the shadows and poke you in the eye, be
> sure to thank me and even ask for more!
> </grumblecakes>
<hat = 'mailing list administrator'>

For several days before that posting by 'a Swiss software company', I 
noticed them joining and spamming (uh, 'offering' to) every single
damned LUG mailing list in the Bay Area -- and, I assume, elsewhere.
Aiming to dissuade that behaviour here, I created a filter on mailing
list conspire at linuxmafia.com that was supposed to intercept and hold any
posting from that address.  My plan was to reject the posting with a
polite note that commercial solicitations from halfway around the world
to all of the Bay Area's local mailing lists were not welcome, and that
their claim to not be spamming didn't fool anyone.

Unfortunately, it turns out that particular filter method I used appears
to get bypassed if the sender first subscribes, which this guy did.
FWIW, earlier this morning I force-unsubscribed and banned htem.

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