[conspire] People have been burned at the stake for less

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue May 22 11:39:15 PDT 2012

My colleague Colin was saying something about awk, sed, and grep --
prompting me to rejoin, fatefully, that perhaps a revision of the 
Nicene Creed was in order.  He was rather taken with the idea, and 
a few minutes later produced this:

11:20 <colin> We believe in one stream editor, the concatenator of /dev/random 
              and /dev/null.
11:20 <colin> And in one vim, the son of sed the begotten editor of your father.
11:20 <colin> Grep of Grep, awk of awk, sed of sed, plain text and binary 
              files; of the same nature as regular files; by which all files 
              came into being.
11:20 <colin> By which we used piped or redirected for our shell scripts, 
              incarnating our desires, made by human and born perfectly of the 
              holy less.
11:20 <colin> We suffered with BSD and crucified it, and it rose again, 
              morphed into OSX with the same kernel and release notes.
11:20 <colin> Grep is awk with the same body and the glory of the filter, to 
              judge the symbolic and hard links, and in grep's kingdom there is 
              no EOF.
11:20 <colin> We believe links that are uncreated to be perfect, and those 
              created whether by ln -s or ln -h, came down upon the filesystem, 
              preached to the sysadmin and lived with the users.
11:20 <colin> We believe also in only one Universal, despotic and unholy OS, 
              dwelling in the fires of BSODs, in the permissions of 0740, and 
              the uninstalling of Windows, the resurrection of dead servers 
              and the everlasting judgementalism of Linux geeks.

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