[conspire] (forw) Re: Ubuntu help?

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri May 18 22:13:30 PDT 2012

Quoting Edmund Biow (biow at sbcglobal.net):

> I realize you were hoping for more hands-on kind of help, but we might
> be able to make some suggestions about what you can try at home if we
> knew specifically what the problematic hardware actually is.

Once again, Chaz is not on this mailing list.  If you wish to write him
directly, he is at this address:

chaz at chazbrenchley.co.uk

FWIW, I've asked him for makes/models of equipment in question and
offered to research the rest for him.  Very likely, I will encounter him
in-person over Memorial Day weekend.

(From experience, anyone who says 'How much will you charge to come to
my house and solve my driver problem for me?' is not likely to be a
fruitful source of detailed technical information.)

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