[conspire] Ruby and Rails introductory course in Berkeley

Adrien Lamothe alamozzz at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 19 11:31:14 PDT 2012

>I would be honored if you bring your RoR training skills to a Sunday


>Often we have Sunday Hackternoons at Hacker Dojo in Mountain View.

>I could get you a projector (if you need one), a projection-wall, and
some students seated at tables with laptops.

>The WIFI there is reliable and fast.

>Online tutorials are good.

>But it's obvious to me that face to face learning is more effective if
the learning group is small.


Hi Dan, I was slammed with work over the holidays and am just now thinking again of putting together a class. What I've done, is create a one day course with the goal of introducing experienced programmers to Ruby and Rails and teaching them just what they need to know to get "up and running" with it. Other courses take place over extended periods, such as six weeks, and take the "kitchen sink" approach. As you know, there is a lot to Rails. In my opinion, you don't need to know all the utilities to be productive with it. Another aspect to my approach, is the one day format also serves as an overview of the technology, which gives people the information they need to decide if they even want to learn and work with Rails. I can also see managers taking the class, just to get a better idea of the technology, and perhaps decision makers who are considering using Rails.

I don't see myself giving the course in a short talk, but what I have in mind is to come speak to your group for maybe 1-2 hours and present an overview of Ruby and Rails. If you want to spend 4-5 hours, then I can teach an abbreviated class. I notice the Hackternoon group is small and the members (including yourself) are already familiar with Rails (based on participation in Ruby Meetup mailing lists,) so I'm not sure this makes sense. So, we could instead spend 1-2 hours talking about Ruby and Rails. My goal in speaking to your group is to get some exposure to help promote my upcoming classes. I prefer the Mountain View location; indeed I'd like to check it out as a possible class venue.


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