[conspire] toward a smartphone one truly owns [Re: Cellphones and GSM privacy]

Tony Godshall tony at of.net
Thu Jun 28 17:53:09 PDT 2012

> One of these days, when either someone else is paying my cellular bill
> or the data charges become less heinous, I will pick of a smartphone
> to replace my dirt-cheap and privacy-friendly dumb cellular -- but will
> insist on it being one capable of running CyanogenMod, thus permitting
> me to solely determine what the device does, rather than some vendor.
> Among other things, running a completely open-source and independent
> Android rebuild (e.g., CyanogenMod) should permit disabling of all
> geolocation check-in functions including the Radio Resource Location
> services Protocol (RRLP) ones mandated by the USA FCC.

My goal too.  I just swtiched my primary
to SIMple Mobile so I could get a SIM
that will go in any unlocked phone and
and a low-cost reasonably high-spec
unlocked phone to use with it and possibly
root, but more likely just to verify service
and reliability until I get phone that more
fully complies with at least most of what
you've outlined.

ATM I'm carrying a dumb Verizon prepaid
phone too, which has better coverage, and
they charge me $2 on days I use it.  Mostly
I use it so I have something that rings reliably

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