[conspire] (forw) ZaTab from ZaReason - a fully open Android tablet

Tony Godshall togo at of.net
Mon Jul 9 16:39:40 PDT 2012

>> It came with ICS installed, functional but unfinished.
>> The only issues I've had while using it have been
>> (1) attempts to get apps from Marketplace give error -101
>> (2) slight misalignment when selecting messages at
>> mail.google.com via the built in browser, and (3) one
>> of the diamond-shaped "dots" in their logo on the back
>> came off when I started to to peel away the protective
>> coating on the back.
>> The only administrative issue I have with ZaReason
>> is no official bug tracking system- I'd hate to hassle
>> the developer by report bugs they already know about
>> but there's no clear place to indicate what they do or
>> don't know about.
> Earl's response was: "Can you let Tony know that we'll have a GitHub
> page where he can post issues once we get our new firmware running?"

1. You'd think they's be willing to email me.  They have my email addr.

2. Where is it?  And why wait?  You'd think debianesque
bug reporting would be helpful (you know, the kind of
but reporting where people have done due diligence
and before hassling the maintainer, and others who
have encountered the bug hand help each other and
the maintainer often is given ready-made patches.)
Hell, even a forum where those who have them could
talk to each other would be an improvement.  For example,
I'd like to say "USB storage devices work for me-
has anyone tried a USB 3G device?"

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