[conspire] partition recovery after accidental dd

Ehud Kaldor ehud.kaldor at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 00:13:14 PST 2012

sort of the classic "rm -rf /". has anyone managed to recover a 750GB
disk after dd-ing ~3.5GB on to it, accidentally? i have testdisk and
gparted running together trying to find something (hopefully by morning)
but wanted to know if someone had any other suggestion (or wanted to
tell me i am in some creek and missing a paddle.

and ye, as you are probably wondering - i was DD-ing an LMDE image to a
USB to install from, rebooted but USB was not bootable for some reason,
rebooted again to main OS and DD-ed again in bash using arrow-up, but
device enumeration changed and i ended up DD-ing my external drive.
major bummer.

Thank you,

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