[conspire] OT: One way to feel cleaner

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Feb 7 05:34:25 PST 2012

One of my longtime rules for living is:  Don't do business with crooks.
If you find out that an employer / associate / company is a criminal,
just calmly, quickly, and peacefully walk away.  

After one experience with a crooked employer in the 1980s, time and
again, following that dictum has proven to save me trouble and
complications in the long run.  However, the last few years, I've been
tardy in removing one criminal from my life:  Bank of America Corporation
(ex-Nationsbank) of North Carolina.  It's time to fix that.

Mastercard, $8,000 limit
Visa card, $18,000 limit
AmEx card, $8,000 limit

As I never carry a credit card balance, I'd long told myself that BofA
weren't _really_ making money off me, but they definitely have been
getting merchant fees from my transactions... and, the main point:  
I've been doing business with crooks.

So, tonight I feel cleaner, having just sent three Very Special Letters
advising BofA to close those accounts immediately, and to report each
account (to credit reporting agencies) as 'closed by consumer'.  As in:
'Please don't go away mad, but please do go bankrupt.  Thank you!'

By the way, highest possible recommendation to:

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