[conspire] The practice of making ext4 a default needs to die an excruciating and gruesome death

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Aug 13 11:03:56 PDT 2012

Quoting Josef Grosch (jgrosch at gmail.com):

> It's my understanding that Lawrence Livermore National Lab has a
> contract from DOE to port ZFS to Linux. The project page is here
> http://zfsonlinux.org/

Hi, Josef! 

Yes, they completed the job, and it works.  It remains an out-of-tree
patch for annoying licensing reasons.

Personally, if I wanted to do ZFS and leaned towards GNU-POSIX-ish 
userspace, I'd use Nexenta rather than a system based on the Linux
kernel, so as to have fully integrated ZFS rather than a third-party
patched subsystem.

(There is also an implementation of ZFS as a FUSE userspace-level 
subsystem, but that's a little tweaky, too, and probably slow.)

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