[conspire] The practice of making ext4 a default needs to die an excruciating and gruesome death

Tony Godshall togo at of.net
Sun Aug 12 20:39:14 PDT 2012

> I'm not usre who's maintaining the ZFS kernel drivers on Ubuntu,
> but they seem to be doing an OK job of it, most of the stuff works
> "as advertised". I haven't tried very many things yet, just the basic
> "zpool replace", "zpool scrub", and using rsync to copy stuff over.

Well, I've never heard of kernel packages-
due to licensing issues there are only FUSE
packages.  Or something has recently changed
and you will enlighten me.

Here's the package page for precise- they don't exist for prior versions:


Package maintainer is listed as: "Ubuntu MOTU Developers" (Mail Archive)

Maybe changelog will show more:


All I see are @debian.org addresses.  So I'm guessing they're just
grabbing the Debian packages as is.  Which is the normal division of
labor between Debian and Ubuntu- Debian works on the pervasive stuff
and Ubuntu works on appearance and ease of use and chipset support to
the exclusion of architectures and user interfaces outside the
Ubuntu/Canonical/Shuttleworth vision.

Oh, which brings me to... zfs kernel modules *are* available in
non-Linux Debian...


... but I haven't personally tried it.

> Anyone else trying out ZFS?

I have before and will again but I'm not actually using it anywhere
right now.  I suspect my next run with zfs will be as part of a
non-Linux Debian.


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