[conspire] Burning Tools

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu Apr 5 12:50:15 PDT 2012

Quoting James Sundquist (sundquistjames at gmail.com):

> Reese,
>   I believe you are incorrect in assuming ImgBurn requires the 2.0
> framework; it can easily be run from memory without installation and should
> only depend on your core installation files.
> Infrarecorder<http://ostatic.com/infrarecorder>is another fantastic
> open source burn suite that should work great.  Why
> would you not literally try to run ImgBurn before seeking alternatives and
> writing e-mails?
> Hope this helps,
> James

FYI:  Reese is not on this mailing list, but I will be glad to forward
your posting to him (along with these comments), by CCing him.

Thanks for mentioning InfraRecorder:  I was actually attempting to
remmber that one.  It's a _genuine open source_ graphical Win32
application for MS-Windows to burn CDs and DVDs from ISOs.  Like one
other tool mentioned, it is a graphical front-end to the MS-Windows port
of Joerg Schilling's cdrtools suite of command-line applications.
(Therefore, I strongly suspect it can also burn BluRay.)

The dependency Reese mentioned for ImgBurn was something called 'Windows
Manager', which he says is not part of his MS-Windows installation.
FWIW, I think you are correct and that Reese must have misinterpreted
something he read.  For completeness's sake:  ImgBurn is a standalone
(binary .exe) proprietary-licensed but free of charge graphical utility
for MS-Windows that burns CD/DVD/BluRay discs from ISOs.

There is also a long list of CD/DVD/BluRay-burning utilities for
MS-Windows at the bottom of InfraRecorder's Wikipedia page:

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