[conspire] CD/DVD burning software for MS-Windows

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu Apr 5 02:12:16 PDT 2012

CABAL attendee Reese Harding has a very common problem:  He has a
Windows box to which he's just installed a CD/DVD burner drive, but he
doesn't have MS-Windows software for burning Linux CDs/DVDs from ISOs.
(He wants to burn CentOS 5.8 DVD ISOs.)  

This is a genuine frequently asked question.  I don't normally keep the
answers around, because I just don't have much contact with MS-Windows
-- but I suppose it's one a Linux user group ought to keep answers handy
for.  So, here are some.

(Reese doesn't want to install either of the two most-commonly
recommended no-cost MS-Windows CD/DVD-burning packages on account of
troublesome dependencies, as he mentions.)

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Date: Wed, 4 Apr 2012 23:16:47 -0700 (PDT)
From: Rick Harding <rharding2 at yahoo.com>
To: rick at linuxmafia.com
Subject: DVD burner

Hi Rick

So I have looked at cdburnerxp and imgburn.  The first has dependencies of Net 2.0 Framework (visual basic stuff) and Windows Manager (for installing and uninstalling).  I imagine imgburn will require the same.  That is where i stopped.  Any stable alternatives you can suggest would be considered.  Thanks.

Reese Harding
408 642-8900

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Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2012 00:25:27 -0700
From: Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com>
To: Rick Harding <rharding2 at yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: DVD burner
Organization: If you lived here, you'd be $HOME already.

Quoting Rick Harding (rharding2 at yahoo.com):

> So I have looked at cdburnerxp and imgburn.|  The first has
> dependencies of Net 2.0 Framework (visual basic stuff) and Windows
> Manager (for installing and uninstalling).|  I imagine imgburn will
> require the same.|  That is where i stopped.|  Any stable alternatives
> you can suggest would be considered.|  Thanks.

Hi, Reese.

Yes, many of the sources I know of go no further than CDBurnerXP Pro,
which is annoying.  FYI, it is proprietary-licensed, not open source.
(Determining the licensing of MS-Windows applications is often tricky
and time-consuming, because the MS-Windows userbase is perfectly happy
to rely on meaningless terms like 'freeware' that say nothing about
whether the licensing is proprietary or not.)

Active ISO Burner from LSoft Technologies Inc. is a proprietary but
free-of-charge standalone (binary .exe file) CD/DVD/BluRay burner
program.  Visit:  http://www.lsoft.net/cd_tools.aspx and

I'm guessing that'll meet your needs adequately.

cdrtfe with cdrtools is a _genuine open source_ solution for MS-Windows,
likewise supporting CD/DVD/BluRay.
http://cdrtfe.sourceforge.net/cdrtfe/index_en.html  The name stands for
'cdrtools front end', which documents what it's about:  It's a graphical
shell program that invokes a number of open-source command-line programs
from Joerg Schilling's 'cdrtools' kit of utilities, compiled for
Windows.  'cdrtools' is one of the standad toolkits on Unixes, but is
used here in its MS-Windows variant.  The 'Installation' page on
cdrfte's Web site (above) explains where to download the pieces you

BurnCDCC from Terabyte Unlimited is a simple standalone proprietary
CD/DVD/BluRay burner program for MS-Windows.

There.  That's three for you.

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