[conspire] NoScript et al

Nick Moffitt nick at zork.net
Thu Sep 29 01:13:20 PDT 2011

Rick Moen:
> Quoting Nick Moffitt (nick at zork.net):
> > Right now the thing I fear most is the fact that every low-powered
> > device out there will soon have enough oomph to run Javascript-heavy
> > pages without missing an interrupt.  At that point the *only* people
> > left without JS on globally will be the tinfoil hat types like
> > myself, and you'll no longer be able to wave a "what about
> > accessibility?" flag or claim the poor can't afford JS.  
> NoScript with RequestPolicy and AdBlock Plus (and HTTPS Everywhere)
> are sufficing for me, for now.

I have much the same setup.  NoScript is vastly more powerful once you
turn on third-level hostname support (so you can authorize, for example,
<stuff>.cloudfront.net to permit identi.ca's use of cloudfront while not
trusting every muppet who stores their javascript on that CDN).

I just wish the ABE in NoScript was easier to selectively disable
without having to palm your forehead every so often and say "Whoops!  I
need to switch that back on again!"

I still worry that "mobile devices" are the only reason anyone ever
bothers testing without JS at all any more.  People speak of JS as "The
assembly language of the Internet" and so forth.  Once there are no
mobile devices left that can't do JS, we'll lose tricks like the ability
to tack "blog." on the front of gawker URLs to get the actual HTML
instead of some silly JS app that fetches the HTML slower than a browser

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