[conspire] Paging Jonathan Swift

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Sep 13 21:43:05 PDT 2011

Quoting Edward Mokurai Cherlin (mokurai at sugarlabs.org):

> 's best buddy Rich Moan

Clue:  Most people outgrow making jokes out of people's surnames around
grade three.

And by the way, my actual surname has two syllables, pronounced like

Last, my name isn't Rich (nor Richard).

> That's your strawman, and has nothing to do with the rest of us.

Ah, you must be some _other_ Edward Mokurai Cherlin, then.

> You admitted that it takes talent and application to learn sysadminning.

There are at least a couple of things wrong with this assertion:

1.  It's factually incorrect.
2.  More to the immediate point, it has zero application to the
antecedent discussion, as (obviously) starting a background service
requiring no configuration or administration is not 'sysadminning' [sic]
as the word is used (even with correct spelling) in this universe.

> (Though evidently not self-awareness.)

Just on a what-the-hell basis, I keep trying to figure out, is this term
you keep throwing into the conversation a _Marxian_ dog-whistle?  E.g.,
you bloviated about how Heinlein's fictional Luna revolution wasn't
self-aware.  It _sounded_ like far-left cant, but it's so very quaint
that I wasn't sure.

> Should I alert the media?

Actually... let me make this brief:  You are making yourself unwelcome
here, just as you made yourself pretty much an unwelcome presence in my
(and my father's) house earlier.  It would be better if you left.

However, I don't kick people off mailing lists for just being assholes,
so feel free to stick around if you want me to keep telling you to Fuck
Right Off and that you already abused my hospitality to the point where
I have no tolerance left for your bullshit.

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