[conspire] Fraudulent SSL certs for *.google.com from DigiNotar

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sun Sep 4 02:36:22 PDT 2011

Quoting Edward Cherlin (echerlin at gmail.com):

> LOL. There is a great deal of difference between "no experience" and
> "no aptitude". 

And you're a subject-matter expert on what randomly-selected Linux
enthusiasts are not capable of.  I see.  You really are an aspiring
Typhoid Mary for conditioned helplessness, Mr. GMail.

> You brought it up, not I.

Do you need the extreme ease of running a local recursive nameserver
explained in smaller words?

> See also
> http://www.earthtreasury.org/
> http://booki.treehouse.su/

No thank you.  I have limited time, and you've chewed up rather too
much already.


> Yes, we have that on our home server, along with Apache, BackupPC, and
> a few other things.

So why the _fuck_ were you suggesting that this was some kind of
impossibly challenging task?

Wait, don't answer that.  Just go away.

> No, it isn't for you or me, Mr. High-and-Mighty. But you have no idea
> what I am talking about, so I forgive you for your arrogance and
> elitism.

Yeah, 'elitist' of me to teach absolutely everyone how to be in sole
charge of their own computing, even technopeasant GMail users.   You
know, you've now officially crossed over into the completely
transrational, and I have no time for you and any more of your

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