[conspire] Ruby and Rails introductory course in Berkeley

Adrien Lamothe alamozzz at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 25 18:40:48 PDT 2011

>Anyone who has a serious interest in the Ruby scripting language or in the
>Ruby on Rails Web application framework should consider Adrien's class.  

>I know that Adrien had been doing serious Rails consulting work, so this
>is a valuable opportunity.

Thanks, Rick, I appreciate the endorsement.

I posted this on BerkeleyLUG and was surprised to get some very snarky
replies, and even more surprised when the Berkeley LUG list moderator
wouldn't post my responses. Guess one should stay away from "curated"
lists where the moderator reviews all posts; I never did care for dictators.
Now I understand why so few people attend that group's meetings and 
why they only have 99 members on their mailing list.

Anyway, one of the posters/trolls suggested people would be better off viewing
online Ruby and Rails tutorials. While there is no substitute for learning from
someone with actual experience "in the trenches," I agree that many people
don't want to pay $450 for a class (by the way, the only other current Bay Area
Ruby and Rails course is $2400 over a six day period.) The poster provided
what appears to be an excellent list of online Ruby and Rails videos, so I'm
repeating it here (see below.)

What the trolls don't understand, is that most of the Ruby and Rails material,
both in books and on the web, are very cheer leading in nature and do little
more than brush the surface. The really good Rails books are for advanced
users who already have a handle on the subject. So, beginners are stuck
between glorified sales pitches and advanced treatises, which is why I've
put a lot of thought into developing an effective method of getting people
up to speed and teaching them the essential concepts. I have past experience
developing similar types of training courses, which were used by NASA,
SLAC, the IRS and Accenture.

Here is that list, courtesy of one of the nice little trolls over at Berkeley LUG:

* SitePoint's webpage 'Learn Ruby on Rails: the Ultimate Beginner’s 

Tutorial Article', 

* Another Tom's webpage 'Top 12 Ruby on Rails Tutorials', 

*'31 Fascinating Ruby on Rails Tutorials & Guides', 

* 'Ruby On Rails For Absolute Beginners', 

*  kayoksakayo's YouTube video 'Starting Ruby on Rails: 
Our very own [localized] UC Berkeley Events Channel Intensive 1-Day 
Course for learning Ruby on Rails: 
* Ruby on Rails - Part 1: Hello World, 
* Ruby on Rails - Part 2: Just Enough Ruby, 
* Ruby on Rails - Part 3: Basic Rails, 
* Ruby on Rails - Part 4: Advanced Active Record, 
* Ruby on Rails - Part 5: AJAX and Testing, 
* Ruby on Rails - Part 6: Configuration and Deploy, 
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