[conspire] *buntu 11.10 (was: Safety at CABAL meetings: NO UNCOVERED CABLE RUNS)

Adrien Lamothe alamozzz at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 25 08:51:59 PDT 2011

>The older I get the more i get concerned that the systems are light.
>These latest software updates have so much bloat.  Even the latest

>firefox upgrades are painfully slow on my pentium 4 server.

You should upgrade to one of the newer dual (or more) core systems, not to keep up with bloat but to save some $$$ on energy cost and have a more responsive system. That extra core really helps improve performance. They don't cost much, but then again you'd have to replace a mobo, cpu and power supply, so maybe a $250 upgrade.

I tried out Ubuntu 11.10 and was aghast when *top* showed something like 1.2 GB RAM allocated right from the start. An Ubuntu rep explained the necessity of Unity to penetrate the commercial market. It struck me that Unity looks and functions a LOT like the Mac OS-X desktop and that they may have even refined that concept a bit.
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