[conspire] help: linux scancode/keycode problem on Dell E6500 ?

=JeffH Jeff.Hodges at KingsMountain.com
Thu Oct 6 09:51:54 PDT 2011


Travis Hassloch suggested I ping Linux folk here locally (SFBay Area -- I'm in 
Redwood City) and so here I am, and here's the problem:

I have a linux (well, ubuntu 10.04 and greater apparently (I'm running the 
former)) scancode/keycode problem on a Dell E6500 (as well as similar Dell 
systems apparently) and am not sure how to fix it.

The terse problem description is: "Dell E6500 fn+f8 switch video mode (external 
monitor) does not work".

Unfortunately, I'm a linux/ubuntu internals n00b. AFAIK/AFAICT, it ought to be 
a tweak to scancode->keycode map(s) and/or X modmap, but from the manpages I'm 
not sure how to accomplish it with the limited time I have to try to fix it.

I /think/ I've figured it out to a fair degree, and have described the problem 
in detail in various places (sometimes appending a comment to someone else's 
original post) listed below, but as yet have not secured any help.

This diagram of Travis' is helpful in understanding this stuff:


..and in looking at it, it'd appear that my particular issue may well be with 
the X "modifier map", managed by xmodmap(1). But the xmodmap man page is rather 
obtuse and I'm not sure what sort of magic incantation might fix the fn+f8 problem.

Anyone know, or have further ideas?



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