[conspire] re-flashing Linksys WRT54gV5 with open source

Ken Bernard kenbernard at gmail.com
Thu Nov 24 16:08:21 PST 2011

I recently put dd-wrt on an Asus wireless router with "low" RAM. The
process was relatively painless following the procedure described by the
dd-wrt wiki. I had to poke around the website(s) dd-wrt and the wiki quite
a bit.
My steps were as well as I remember: Locate router on database. Then ignore
the link there and search for my router again. Find the install
instructions and print them. Then I downloaded the files I would need.
Three files I think; as I remember 1.) a utility to put dd-wrt onto the
router. 2.) a basic version of dd-wrt 3.) the dd-wrt  version with more
bells and whistles.
That all went very smooth, finding exactly what steps and version for my
router was more difficult than actually doing the dd-wrt flash.
I now have the Asus router acting as a wireless access point (wireless
bridge?) forwarding wireless to and from a previously blind spot.
Good luck & Happy Thanksgiving,
Ken Bernard
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