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"In a lot of ways these Mint distributions seem to
  offer a good combination of a solid Debian base, with a choice between
  the standard 2.6.32 kernel (which is in the current Debian stable
  distribution) and the latest 2.6.38 kernel (which is in the current Mint
  11 distribution), ..."

I like staying as close as possible to the latest kernel release. I've looked at Mint 11 and it has a 2.6.38 kernel. My Debian 6 server has a 2.6.39 kernel. 2.6.38 introduced some nice performance enhancements, especially for servers running relational databases. Other enhancements improve network performance, graphics card support and performance, overall performance and scalability:



In his 2.6.38 release message, Linus talks about improved multi-tasking 
performance, where if you are compiling a large program in one window 
and watching a video in another, the video is now much smoother.

I was at a LUG recently, where someone suggested I forgo upgrading to a newer distro version for the purpose of getting a newer kernel, dismissing a newer kernel as providing an "esoteric advantage." I hadn't yet looked at the release notes for 2.6.38, but responded that using an "up to date" kernel has always provided me with various advantages.

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