[conspire] ISP

Tony Godshall tony at of.net
Mon Jun 20 08:49:19 PDT 2011

> Re-adding conspire.

Didn't mean to drop conspire- good call.

> Bottom line: If connectivity without voice is what
> you're looking for, go with the service without it, and if you want it,
> go with the service that requires it.

Not my bottom line.  Mine would be that if you're close to a CO you
get a better $$ deal with Sonic and if you are farther away and don't
care about voice line, RawBW may the better deal.

Of course AT&T and Comcast will give you more bandwidth for less
money for a limited time, and that has a double meaning: (1) they
price is only good for a limited time and (2) if they can use their
market power to drive out the independents they can then charge
whatever they want.

Daniel, I think your heart is in the right place but you keep
making these generalizations that are just a bit too much.
You seem to be looking for a simplistic rule that just doesn't

>  (AT&T would be out of the picture either way.)

No, AT&T is not actually out of the picture at all- they still
handle the wire.  If I could, I'd factor that out too but I can't
get line of sight to Marin (unwired) or a particular piece of
Potrero (monkeybrains).  I wonder if SFLAN could be revived.

Regardless, I'm not sure why we're still discussing this- I just
wanted to drop some fresh details should someone be looking
for an ISP in the future... and I certainly have no dog in this
fight- I'd recommend either one- both Sonic or RawBW are
*great* ISPs.


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