[conspire] ISP

Tony Godshall tony at of.net
Fri Jun 17 16:17:01 PDT 2011


> ...  or is it an up-to rate? ...


>> Single line, dynamic IP
>> up to 3M/512K      $29.95/mo
>> up to 12M/1Mbps    ...
>> ...
>> Bonded two lines, dynamic IP
>> up to 6M/768Kbps   $54.95/mo
>> up to 15M/1.5Mbps ...

Maybe the use of the words "up to" would be a clue?

> ... the same deal, just higher prices. ...

Actually, I'll be getting 6Mbps for about $50
a month, weareas to exceed 4Mbps at my
distance from the CO via Sonic would require
me to pay about double to get the second line.

> Note: I am not trying to recommend Fusion over RawBW...

Nor am I... I reported on this since we'd discussed
rawbw here before and a correction was needed.

> Note: ...  just pointing out some of the obvious.

Your flat statements don't apply to everyone.
You need caveats.


> Were I in his shoes, I'd doubtless not offer
> voice service at first, either.

Me neither.  And also, with a name like "raw
bandwidth", one might want to offer just raw

To quote a notable denizen of this list, I also
am "just pointing out some of the obvious." ;-)


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