[conspire] request recommendation for webcam for Mac G4 PPC - Mac OS 10.4.11

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Jun 8 01:18:55 PDT 2011

I meant to say:

> Now, before you say so, I take it as given that your sister is not going
> to want to run anything but OS X, and is unwilling to consider running a
> different Unix (such as a Linux distro).  Part of the price that she is
> going to pay for that viewpoint is that OS X has for a _very_ long time
> been orphaned on OS X.                  ^^^^

I mean, _PowerPC_ has been orphaned on OS X.

Running Lubuntu or Debian is, by the way, gratifyingly fast even on a _G3_
PowerPC iBook with only 256 MB total RAM.  It really leaves all PowerPC
releases of OS X in the dust -- even leaving aside the fact that the
latter are now completely orphaned.  

Not that MacOS faithful will be willing to try anything but OS X, of
course.  For them, Apple's solution is to spend a bunch more money on
newer Intel-based machines.

Or, if your sister wants to upgrade to a still-orphaned, but slightly
less ancient, EOLed OS X for PowerPC, she can indeed get 10.5 'Leopard'
for about $50 to $130 via the usual online sales outlets (and then apply
updates to get it up to August 2009 patchlevels).

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