[conspire] Fwd: [nylug-talk] What a Pig sounds like when it talks

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sun Dec 18 00:22:05 PST 2011

What I ended up doing was snipping copied text to just three paragraphs
(out of 17), and adding a listadmin comment explaining that excision.

Now, technically, unless PCWorld Communications cries foul, I needn't do
squat:  Implementing valid takedown requests is all the law requires.
(See front page of http://linuxmafia.com/ for details.)  _However_, I
run a clean operation and don't wait for complaints if I saw something
very likely unlawful.

Also, more to the point, shoveling the entire article at everyone was
simply _unnecessary_:  Ruben, you included the article's URL right at
the top.  Anyone wanting to read all 17 paragraphs knows how to click a

_You_ know how to limit copying to modest fair-use excerpts -- and I'm
very sure you know why, too.  

You just didn't bother to do it right.  Ruben, please do it right in the
future, OK?

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