[conspire] terms of service, illustrated

Tony Godshall tony at of.net
Mon Aug 29 09:56:52 PDT 2011

> Gee, Tony, unfortunately, it appears that, in order to view this post that
> you've 'shared' with me, I must first sign up for a Google+ account, ...

1. I apologize for poorly configuring google+.  It does seem better
than Facebook in that you can control who you share with but it is a
bit aggressive in promoting itself.  I've removed email contacts from
my "circles"- I didn't realize how it would behave, having never been
on the receiving end.

> ...agreeing with its terms of service, and (legally speaking) agreeing to
> be Google, Inc.'s customer, thus consenting to them and their business ...

2. Thanks for pointing out the terms of service issue.  Looking into
this, I did find this amusing comic book version from PBS:


> ... partners spamming and data-mining me.  Sorry, I don't do Web 2.0 cults,
> especially those run by DoubleClick's corporate parent. ...

Yeah, there is that.  Have you read Scroogled?  Did you enjoy?


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