[conspire] CABAL meeting, Saturday, Aug. 13

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri Aug 12 16:27:15 PDT 2011

Quoting Dan Bikle (dan.bikle at gmail.com):

> CABAL people,
> if after Saturday you want more social interaction on Sunday,
> I invite you to Sunday Hackternoon at Hacker Dojo at 1pm.
> Here -> http://meetup.com/Hackternoon

Yeah, that sounds like fun, and I might bicycle over and join y'all.
Thanks for the invitation, Dan.  (I'll probably be still sufficiently
brain-fried that I'll not be good for much besides socialising, though.)

I stopped by the Dojo parking lot briefly, the evening of the recent Bay
Area FreeBSD User Group meeting, hoping that Josef Grosch might still be
there.  Unfortunately, work had detained me until really late, and
pretty nearly everyone had already gone home.

I can also say that the Dojo's really easy to get to, once you've done
it once.  One way is:  Start in downtown Mountain View.  Get to Dana
Street.  (If you're a coffee fancier, you know where it is.)  Take it
logical-south towards Sunnyvale.  Go under CA-85, then turn left just
before CA-237.  Go a block.  Look left into a light industrial parking 
lot, for office addresses including 140 S. Whisman, just before you hit
S.  Whisman proper.  If you end up at the railroad tracks and Central
Expressway, you overshot and should backtrack.

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