[conspire] new laptop Fedora 13 with NVIDIA graphics card - yum update - now only blank screen

Don Marti dmarti at zgp.org
Wed Sep 22 07:21:02 PDT 2010

begin Rick Moen quotation of Tue, Sep 21, 2010 at 07:55:37PM -0700:

> Since you say it's some Nvidia thing, you could specifically do this:
>   lspci | grep -i nvidia
> That will tell you what specific model of Nvidia video chipset is
> mounted on your motherboard.  Armed with _that_ knowledge, you can then
> look up what support the X.org open-source 'nv' driver
> (http://xorg.freedesktop.org/wiki/nv) has for that specific Nvidia video
> chipset.  However, I'd be really surprised if 'nv' doesn't do regular,
> non-3D video perfectly.

Fedora, though -- they've had Nouveau as the default
driver for Nvidia hardware for a while now:


(If I had paid for Linux support on a system running
Fedora, I would confirm that it works with Nouveau.
Installing the proprietary driver makes your system
different enough from mainstream that it's harder
to get meaningful help from regular Linux lists.
You end up having to find whatever vbulletin board the
"nvidiux" users are currently hanging out on.)

Don Marti                    
dmarti at zgp.org

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