[conspire] new laptop Fedora 13 with NVIDIA graphics card - yum update - now only blank screen

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sun Sep 19 19:36:30 PDT 2010

Quoting Darlene Wallach (freepalestin at dslextreme.com):

> LC2210SN

No.  Not what we need, at all.

My point perhaps was unclear.  The above says only 'Linux Certified model
2210SN' which tells you almost nothing worth knowing.  Which was my

As I was saying, LinuxCertified, Inc. (which is basically Chander Kent)
OEMs standard prebuilt units from one of the commodity East Asian
manufacturers.  If LinuxCertified, Inc.  had told you which OEM make and
model this is, you would probably be able to look up things like how its
keyboard controls work, including the external video / internal video
toggle control.

> Nothing when I plugged the VGA from the monitor to my desktop into my
> new laptop.

Well, that makes it unlikely that you merely accidentally toggled the
unit to display external video only.

> I see some blinking lights like the hard drive is being accessed. I
> hear no sounds - go beeps nothing.

This would have meaning if you were able to compare against the way the
machine behaves normally.  E.g., does the machine normally beep at a
certain point during startup?  Does the machine no longer boot at that
point during startup?

Again, these are things you are uniquely in a position to notice, being
familiar with the machine's normal operation, but people trying to
assist you from a mailing list cannot.

(If I, or you, were able to look up a technically detailed manual for
this unit, we might be able to see documentation about what the machine
is supposed to do during startup, but, again, knowing only useless
rebranding data like 'LC2210SN' prevents this standard method of

> I see three blue leds - power, battery, hard drive(?). The hard
> drive(?) blinks then goes out.
> I hear the fan.
> I hear no beeps, no sounds, a totally black blank screen.

Well, I'm _guessing_ from what you're now saying that you're -not-
familiar with the sequence of what normally happens when everything is
OK, because I would normally at this point expect to hear from the owner
a good bit more detail about what normally occurs, and what is or is not
occurring now.

I might suggest, when you have everything sorted out, spending a bit of
time getting to know what your machine looks and sounds like during
normal startup, e.g., get to know the sound of the hard drive spinning
up and the later sound of it running in normal operation, get to know
the sound of HD access, get to know what the LED activity looks like
during HD access.

You will then be much better equipped to deal with possible hardware
problems, after that.

> I hoping I can get some help from Linux Certified!

You said it's a new machine; that certainly implies that this is a
legitimate warranty issue.

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