[conspire] Sidux, Aptosid

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Sep 13 02:02:02 PDT 2010

Quoting Rick Moen (rick at linuxmafia.com):

> Inspired by the Linuxcare Bootable Business Card, Klaus Knopper created
> Knoppix as an occasionally released live CD with advanced automated 
> hardware detection, based about 80% on Debian's unstable branch (aka
> 'Sid').  One of the members of the Knoppix community (around 2003) was
> Jorg 'Kano' Schirothke, who maintained custom scripts for Knoppix but
> found it limiting, so he started his own KDE-defaulting live CD for i386,
> Kanotix, which was more purely based on Debian Sid (unstable), and
> unlikely Knoppix officially supported HD installation rather than as an
  ^^^^^^^^ 'unlike'
> unsupported afterthought.  

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