[conspire] Laptop boots to GRUB instead of SUSE

kw6 at xmission.com kw6 at xmission.com
Thu Oct 21 19:41:39 PDT 2010

This is the laptop which I loaded with Suse 11.2, then which you guys  
got to run the aircard at an installfest a couple of months ago.

Tonight, it started GRUB, then when I type boot, it gives me "Error 8:  
Kernel must be loaded before booting" -- the only think I can think is  
that the latest automatic update (loaded two nights ago, the last time  
the system was running) is messed up.

I am currently traveling at work, and don't have the Suse DVD.

Is there a way to make this run without having the DVD?

Keith the Linux Newbie

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