[conspire] Partitioning revisited briefly

Nick Moffitt nick at zork.net
Fri Oct 15 02:42:04 PDT 2010

Rick Moen:
> I am willing to have /opt link to an absolute pathspec because it's
> highly unlikely to need to be functional in a changed-root environment
> (or, on my system, need to be functional at all), but it's a bad
> habit.

In my experience the real benefit of the relative-path symlinks is not
that you can use the volume when mounted elsewhere, but rather that it's
simply more self-documenting.  Imagine if you cd'd into
/mnt/recovery/opt/ and didn't realize you'd found yourself in the host
/usr/local/opt/.  The confusion could cause some real damage.

Symlink uncleanliness is one reason I've taken to chrooting whenever I
need to do any writing to a volumne that's mounted like this, but that
doesn't help if (for example) you don't trust the executables on the

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