[conspire] help accessing manpages

Ken Bernard kenbernard at gmail.com
Mon Mar 29 22:07:31 PDT 2010

Hi everyone, I am setting up TinyMe linux on a Pentium M Dell laptop
(Latitude D600) which has been handed down to (lucky) me. The laptop
is lightweight and the display is large enough to make it good  to
carry around. The display is  much better than the tiny ones on

I have a kind of major problem. TinyMe linux did not ship with
manpages. I have downloaded the GNU manpages and ran ‘make install’.
The manpages have been installed in /usr/share/man/ but I can only
read tlhem with this unsuitable  method.

I can only access  man entries  this way:

cat /usr/share/man/man*/man_ page.#  |  less

where man_page. is the utility I want and # is the number of the section 1-8.

Does someone know a way I can get the pages to load when I simply
type:  man utility  ?

I ran echo $PATH and /usr/share  is listed in in my PATH variable.

Thanks, Ken Bernard

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