[conspire] CABAL meeting this Saturday

Tony Godshall tony at of.net
Fri Mar 19 16:55:21 PDT 2010

>> And if I'm going to have corn syrup, I'm going to have it in something
>> I enjoy more than balsamic vinagrette.
>> Jelly beans, perhaps.
>> Pepsi, perhaps.
>> But not frakkin' vinaigrette. That's just wrong.
> What you said.  I really had to wonder:  'Why does oil-and-vinegar salad
> dressing need to be made _sweet_?'  Wow, of all things.

I was just telling my boss at lunch how I passed up on some Planters
peanuts at the safeway because of the corn syrup solids and MSG and
got store brand instead.

It's amazing how many things are sweetened that shouldnt be: even
almost all grocery store spaghetti sauce and salsa!


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