[conspire] DVI to VGA (was Re: CABAL this Saturday)

Tony Godshall tony at of.net
Wed Jul 28 16:39:14 PDT 2010

>>> BTW - has anyone seen those fit/pc's?
>> Haven't yet seen one, but I'm actively considering a CompuLab fit-PC 2i
>> as one of several candidate replacements for my 2001-era VA Linux
>> Systems model 2230 server.  The winning feature of the model 2i is
>> ability to run 2 GB system RAM.  (Video output is DVI, which I suppose a
>> shouldn't complain about, given another decade has passed since I've
>> bought a monitor, but I do wish they'd included VGA for us laggards.)

Googled it, very cool.

Looks like HDMI to me, not DVI.

Surprised you're looking at is as a server replacement.  External hard
drives on a server?  SAN?  Dual gigabit ethernet means you could
isolate SAN from the rest of the network.  Hmmm.

My wife and I are pretty happy with our 1920 x something TV/monitor
from HANNspree.

Bought the original at CostCo but had a bad remote control sensor.
Bought another at the store in SF after CostCo gave us money back (no
exchange)- they matched price.

Anyway, the reason I mention it is that it's has two HDMI inputs as
well as VGA and the legacy video inputs.  7 inputs in all.  And has
high rez and many inputs for < $300.

One cool think about HDMI vs DVI and VGA is HDMI includes audio as
well as video.

I can pull up the specifics if you (or others) care.


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