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Paul Zander paulz at ieee.org
Sun Feb 28 10:40:50 PST 2010

Just a reminder that the first Electronics Flea Market of 2010 will be on Saturday March 13.

The activity starts around 0500, also called "O dark hundred".    Around 10 AM things start to wind down.  By noon there are only a few sellers left, mostly taking advantage of the empty parking lot to sort their wares as they pack up.

You will find lots of used computer stuff, new LED flash lights, vacuum tubes, tools, and many other items.  You will _not_ find racks of old clothes.

The event started in the '70's when there was an Electronics Museum at Foothill College.  The volunteer Museum staff (which also had a lot of Radio Amateurs, aka hams) decided to have a garage sale to sell some of items that had been donated.  The event was a success and they decided to have another.  They also decided to "sell" parking spaces for people who wanted to thin out their junque.  

The Electronics Museum is no more.  Several local Amateur Radio clubs run the event partly for fun, partly as a fund raiser.   When Foothill started a major rebuilding program, their parking lot was not available.  For a few years it was near Moffet Field, and has lately settled to De Anza College.  If you come, be sure to get a parking permit, because the College wants to raise funds, too.

One use of funds (from many flea markets) was a new computer-controlled radio-repeater system located on El Camino Hospital. It will be a valuable resource after the next earthquake when all the cell phones are either down or overloaded.

See you the the morning of the next Kabal!


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