[conspire] More Firefox Addon problems - this tie from MS

Don Marti dmarti at zgp.org
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begin Ed Biow quotation of Fri, Feb 12, 2010 at 05:45:41PM -0800:

> I use ssh-server all the time from inside my home network, but am a
> little unclear how I'd do if over the net to their house, given that
> they don't have a fixed IP address.  Their ISP would just assign a
> random IP address, no? 

Right, so set the remote system up with an SSH tunnel
that will come up and down automatically when they
get on the net.


(You'll need to make a special-purpose "tunnel"
user on the system they're connecting to.)

> I really would like to figure out how to control other folks' PCs
> remotely with VNC or whatever.  

Should be able to do that over a tunnel too.

> find a document.  He dual boots Windows & Hardy.  Yesterday I couldn't
> coach him through printing out a document in either (I know I set up
> his printer in both environments, but he's in his 70s and his
> description of what was happening on the screen just left me
> flummoxed).  That's when I started looking at GoToMyPC.  I could use a
> good belting with a clue-stick.

Dual-booting is good for one thing: hobbyists who
want to use the same hardware for long PC gaming
sessions and for long productive* Linux sessions.

End users should not be dual-booting.  The thing you
need is always on the other OS.

* as long as you heartily believe that no
  habit-forming games are out for Linux.  Tetris
  for Linux?  No such thing. 

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