[conspire] No more GNU HP Minis

Ruben Safir ruben at mrbrklyn.com
Tue Feb 2 09:57:54 PST 2010

> >
> > The interesting part is the truly vital consideration I learned as a
> > kid, from numerous wise people including my parents, at whose knees I
> > developed abilities to think about morals in the first place:  It's that
> > the very worst sin one can commit in advancing a moral agenda is to be
> > ineffective, to squander valuable time and energy that could have been
> > used to accomplish something.
> >

Actually, this is vital area, and where our living experiece gives us
differing views on productive social efforts.

My experience in this regard is that if you ignore or concede to social
forces that produce moral dilemas, that the result is that you walk out
the door one morning and disenfranced youth puts a tek-9 automated
submachine gun in your temple and beats the crap out of you.

And that's not a hypothetical, but a real world experience.  People need
education, positive goals, and feeling of reasonable empowerment for a 
healthy Democratic society.  They need this more than food.  Hence,
Slaveware, and DRM really ticks me off.


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