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Where _do_ these people come from?

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So sorry.  I did not realize that you were part of a paid support service.  I mistook you for a contibuting part of the linux user community who  had published a humorous article for the 'Linix Mafia', with your email address publicly displayed toward the end.  Now I see why the rest of the world thinks linux is a backward operating system.  Best Regards, John 

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> One last question:  the xmodem website shows alot of models that do not 
> have a link to greater detail or a dead symbol.  Are the unremarked ones 
> meant to be known as 'viable' or 'unknown' ? 

John, let me be frank with you:  You are a stranger to me.  You haven't 
hired my services.  I'm a busy person.  You have already imposed on my 
time twice. 

I am not a free of charge research librarian to the entirety of 
humanity.  I also have absolutely nothing to do with the xmodem.org Web 
site -- not that the owner of that site owes you anything, either. 

We are done.  You need to figure out the solutions to your own problems. 

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