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Normally I don't post around but this talk may have extra appeal so I'm re-posting it here . Permission granted to repost to appropriate places . - Bruce aka. Kilgore...

SQL isn't everything
by Jesus Monroy

Today there is a push
for SQL-based solutions, such as Oracle, DB2 or Mysql.  While these
solutions are excellent for certain classes of problems, they don't
work well for many things. Many issues arise including: scaling,
performance and development cost.

For most applications today,
people struggle with managing the database, security and performance.
For many, their "data sets" are small enough, or infrequent enough,
that a simple flat file will not only suffice, but excel. In addition,
benchmarks of yesteryear (of 3-4 thousand records) being the crossover
point for a full blown database are outdated.

In this talk we
will discuss other solutions, starting with the power of basic flat
files and flat memory arrays. Then an extended discussion on Berkeley DB, sleepycat dbm, local and network-distributed hash tables and other systems that can scale in size and performance to Google levels.

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