[conspire] Help with GRUB

Nick Moffitt nick at zork.net
Wed Nov 4 11:54:27 PST 2009

Rick Moen:
> Just do "sudo /bin/bash" to start a root-privilege shell.  

In fact, sudo has two options for giving you a root shell:

	1. sudo -s
		This basically gives you your existing shell environment
		but with root privilege.  It can be very dangerous
		because it's going to be "comfortable" (all your
		aliases, editor configs, etc will be there).  
		On the other hand, it's nice when you just want to "sudo
		up" your shell to cd into some heavily locked-down
		directories (largely because it leaves your CWD alone as

	2. sudo -i
		This is basically equivalent to "sudo su -", in that it
		drops you into the root environment as it's configured
		on the machine.  

"virii" would be the plural of the mythical masculine
noun "virius". The neuter plural of "virus" would be
"vira" (as "opus" & "opera"), and "viri" is the plural
of the masculine "vir" (man). It really is "viruses"!

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